Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the Single Life of the Military Wife

Whenever I talk to people that I've been out of touch with for awhile, they always ask how F and I are doing. I always tell them how I'm doing and then joke that I don't know what F looks like anymore. While it's something we giggle over, the truth is, a lot of times being a military wife does feel like the single life. Yes you have a rings on your fingers to remind you that it isn't, but often seeing your husband is something that just doesn't happen. F works a full time job in the Air Force and then, after work, takes classes at a local university to complete his Master's degree. By the time he is home he wants some time to himself to unwind and then it's generally bedtime.
Is it glamorous to never see my husband? Of course not. I guess, in a sense, it's good practice for being independent and having to take care of everything on my own but, when 6 months pregnant, that practice is not wanted. I'd much rather have him around to be there and especially to help out when Baby Bee is giving me a rough day. But it's part of the job. I knew that this lifestyle wasn't going to be easy. However, that doesn't stop it from being "unfun". But I know that, someday, the "big D" will happen to this household and just maybe all this practice will pay off then. In the meantime, just keep on truckin' through and keep on doing my job on the homefront as part of the "silent rank".

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