Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Baby Bee

When I was younger I always had this idea that getting pregnant was really easy. Wasn't that why I had to sit through so many sex ed classes? I lost my virginity at 16 and I was always super careful because I was sure that one little slip up would get me "knocked up". Now I'm 24 years old, happily married, and ready to make a Baby Bee. Unfortunately, now I'm also realizing it's not quite as simple as having a "night of passion".
F and I have been using the method of "not trying, not not trying" since about February. I swore I'd be pregnant by now...I'm not. In the mean time, people on my Facebook are popping up left and right announcing their pregnancies. Albeit, some of them have been trying for quite some time but there are plenty who just happened to get pregnant, including some who aren't even married and just forgot to use protection. While I'm happy for every momma-to-be that I know, I can't help but feel jealous too. When is it going to be my turn?
Every month I try not to think about it and just go with the flow, but I can feel that little part of me deep down really hoping hard that something will happen. Then Aunt Flow shows up and the disappointment that I try to avoid creeps in anyways. People tell me I'm young and I have time and that it will happen, and I know they're right, but I can't help but still get frustrated when my attempts fail month after month. Statistics say that, if a couple tries, they'll be pregnant within their first year. We're over halfway to the first year so where is Baby Bee? I never realized how truly challenging getting pregnant really is. I'm more than ready for my turn.


  1. Kati, don't get down on yourself. My best advice to you is to not try. W came about 5 weeks after Jess and I were married... it took us 6 months to conceive P-man and I did everything to "try"... I took my temp every morning at 5:30, took ovulation predictor kits, and I charted. The month I didn't do anything was the month P-man came along. Put all your trust in God, because he does know when he's ready to bless a family. Plus, all that "work" trying to conceive P-man, took out the "passion" and made it a job. We are currently not trying, not preventing, and I have all my trust in the Lord that he knows when the right time will be for our family. Hang in there hun, because it will happen. It does take the average couple 6 months of active trying before they see that big fat positive. Lots of prayers for a baby soon!!!!!

  2. 6 months of active trying. Well I guess that means we're almost there! Hopefully by summer's end. Thanks, girl! Now I gotta just try to not try lol.

  3. You have to focus on you. Sure, it seems everyone else is popping up pregnant, but at the same time each person is different. Life is not a race. Life is a journey and if you get too caught up in achieving the mile stones, you'll miss out on that part. The less you focus on others, the better the wait is.