Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keep On Smiling

Not that long ago I was lurking around Facebook when I read a post that made me think. A military wife had more or less written a note about how miserable her life is. That same day I saw a different person's status (also a military wife) asking if anyone had ever lied about being truly happy with their life. All of that put together made me think. Being a military wife is a difficult lifestyle, I will never deny that. I will also never deny that there are times when I miss home, my family, my friends, etc. and wish we weren't a military couple. However, no matter what I may feel when, the truth is that I like being a military wife. I think it takes a very strong woman to be a military wife and I've had people tell me how they could never do what I do. While it may be hard, it's a life that I agreed to. When F proposed, I knew what I was getting into. I knew what being a military wife would entail and what kind of sacrifices I would have to make. I could have said no but I didn't. I accepted F's proposal and, with that, I accepted the United States Air Force.
Sure there are days where I miss Michigan but, I often find myself eager to get back to Wright-Patt when I'm not there. I also know that, if we were to move back to Michigan, it wouldn't be the same as when we left. Our life isn't there anymore. We plan on retiring there when F's career is done but I know it won't be anything like the life I left. And, to be honest, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with my life being on an Air Force base 4 hours from home. I'm already looking forward to wherever we move next and learning that area too. I love to travel and see new places so this lifestyle is actually rather perfect for me.
I can understand people missing home and not being thrilled with the military lifestyle, it's definitely not easy, but the people who do nothing but complain about it drive me nuts. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a true believer that life is what you make of it. If you complain about everything 24/7, your life will be miserable and, in turn, you will be miserable. When F and I first moved to base, I was very homesick and very unsure about this lifestyle. But then I learned to make the most of it. I got involved in the OSC (Officer Spouses' Club) and the Key Spouse program, I made it a point to go outside and meet my neighbors, I made friends and arranged to do things with them around the area, I mingled with F's coworkers, I joined F's unit's softball team, I drove around the base and around the city just seeing what all there was, etc. I made it a point to become familiar with the base, with the Dayton area, the people, etc. so that I would feel like Wright-Patt was more of a home than just a temporary stay.
F and I still have 3 years left at Wright-Patt but, I can tell already, that I will miss this place when it's time to PCS somewhere else. I have learned to like the military life and to like the people and places that surround me. I have learned to see the positive in this life and to make the most of it. Sure there are still times when I'm homesick, that's perfectly normal, but you will never hear me saying that I hate the military lifestyle. I am proud to be a military wife and I enjoy it. My husband pledged his allegiance to our flag and I pledge my allegiance to him. This lifestyle may be difficult but I wouldn't give it up.


  1. It's not always easy--but our men make it worth every moment. I know that there are days when I have to stiffen up my lip and keep going, but that I also have the support of other wives
    and an amazing husband who I am blessed to love and support

    Keep up the posts, they're an encouragement to me!

  2. I agree. We are Reserve so the lifestyle isn't quite the same. However, there are spouses from his unit that post "woe is me" statuses on facebook literally every day. Deployment does suck, but it gets really depressing and excessive to read the complaining statuses all day long!

  3. I adore our life as a military family. My in laws are in awe of how I handle everything from the house, the kids, and everything that comes along with it during TDY's, deployments, and those days that seem to never end. We are getting ready to put in for our next base and I am excited to go somewhere else!

  4. My Sailor wouldn't be the same man if he wasn't serving our country. So I will willing take the bad with the good. Of course it's a challenging lifestyle that can be frustrating and lonely at times, but I wouldn't trade it for another experience on the planet! So well written!I loved this post!

  5. This is a great post. Thank you!