Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Arrival of Caitlin Anne

June 11th, 2012. 11:30am. I headed into Wright-Patt's hospital for what I figured would be my last doctor's appointment. Oh how right I was. After a regular check-up, my doctor decided to have Baby Bee monitored for about an hour because my blood pressure had been roller-coastering a little and so she just wanted to make sure everything was okay. After about an hour on the monitor, they decided to do an ultrasound because Baby Bee wasn't moving much. The ultrasound showed that my amniotic fluid was low so it was decided I should be induced right then and there. My nerves went into full panic as F had started a new job that day where he couldn't have his cell phone but his desk wasn't set up so he had no desk phone or email access. I feared I wouldn't be able to get a hold of him. Lucky for me, he had just left and so he had his cell phone. After calling him asking him to run home and get my hospital bag and then hurry up and get there, I called my mom and in-laws so let them know it was time to have a baby. I was definitely VERY nervous!
Once admitted to the hospital, the doctor checked me and found out I was already in active labor! Guess Baby Bee wanted to come that day anyways! They opted to still give me some pitocin just to speed things up a little but I was definitely dilating on my own. I was surprised by how much it really wasn't hurting me. Sure it wasn't completely comfortable, but I swore I would have the epidural by 6cm and, voila, I went in at 5cm and felt fine. Guess I have more pain tolerance than I thought!
After a little while of progressing on my own, they decided to break my water. That was when things got real. The contractions that came after that were unbearable! Thank GOD, the anesthesiologist had already put the epidural catheter in so I could get that medicine real fast. And, believe me, it wasn't fast enough! That pain was intense! Once the epidural was in effect, though, life was great. I never felt anything after that. :)
Only 5.5 hours after coming in, it was time to push. The doctors would be talking for days afterwards about how fast my whole labor went. My epidural was perfect. I could feel contractions so I knew when I wanted to push, but there was no pain whatsoever. The only way I even knew Baby Bee was out was when I felt a massive feeling of relief and then looked down and saw them place her on me. Just 45 minutes of total pain-free pushing. It was the perfect delivery. Caitlin Anne was born at 11:16pm at 7lbs, 2oz and 20in long. She is now 2 months old as of today and is absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for any better daughter. She is my everything and her Daddy and I are so in love with her. <3


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