Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

This past week, F and I had the opportunity to go home for a TDY. F had a class he had to take which, conveniently, was located near our hometowns. So we got to spend a week at home. While it was a great time in a very expensive hotel, it was bittersweet. One thing I've learned as a military wife is that going home is always bittersweet. It's great to see family and friends and everything you love about home but it's heartbreaking when you have to leave it all. God has blessed me with the opportunity to be stationed only 4 hours from my hometown, but I know that that's temporary.
F has two more years here and then it's on to the next PCS. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already scared about it. We talk about all the different places we could go and some genuinely seem beautiful, but there's truly no place like home. When I can't get in the car and be home in just a few hours, I think the true homesickness will really kick in. I know the military lifestyle is about sacrifice, but sometimes I wonder just how many sacrifices I have to make. To be honest, I don't feel like I'm as happy as I could be... like something is missing. And I think what's missing is home. I really thought after a year and a half of living here I'd be better adjusted but I guess I was wrong. Sure, I'm better than day one, but I'm still not "yay Air Force!" and I'm still dreading the day I have to pack up my boxes and move even further from the one place I am truly happy and relaxed at....home.

the Detroit skyline

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  1. I feel ya. I went thru that a lot at my 1st base, but part of the time I was feeling homesick for NYC. To the point where I signed up for a conference just to have an excuse to go and get it out of my system. I've been away long enough that MI doesn't feel like home as much. Oddly Europe does. I find myself missing certain cultural aspects that I conformed to and as much as the base there irritated me, I felt safe there. They say military wives need to "bloom where we're planted," but it can be a struggle. But you can always keep aspects of home with you. One great thing about this place is that I can always share stuff from back home with you and when we talk it seems like MI isn't that far away.