Monday, March 7, 2011

Military Working Wife?

I own a small library of books about marrying the military.  I even have some that are specific to the Air Force.  They all say the same thing, that a career is possible for a military spouse but is hard to get.  I read that fact over and over and still didn't process it.  I didn't even process it when we moved here and I noticed almost all the wives I know stay home and don't work.  I still kept on applying for jobs and trying to understand why I was having no luck.  I later realized my address is recognized as the base so it was very easy to see that I am a military spouse.  While many companies claim they don't discriminate, really, they do.  Why hire someone who you know for a fact is going to leave?  So I asked a friend to use their address on my resume.  Changed my address and still no luck.  Maybe it's just my career field, but it's been frustrating trying for almost a year now with no luck.
So I've decided to take matters into my own hands.  My mom is really good at knitting.  She taught me once back in high school.  I remember thinking it was kind of fun but I never really picked up on it...I was far too busy flirting with boys and going out with my friends to sit around the house and knit.  As a result, I still remember the basic concepts but it's all rather rusty.  However, after my mom promised me a "refresher course", I've decided to start my own business.  Nothing major, just an Etsy shop (possibly Facebook too) where I'll sell things that I knit and possibly some other crafts too.  I figured I love being crafty so why not make some money off of it?  And it's an easy job to have in the military because it's all online so, no matter where I move, I can take my business with me.  Also, when the time comes for kids I can work through my pregnancy and I can continue to work even when the baby comes.  I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom so this job will allow just that...working from home!  I may not make a lot of money off of this idea but it's something to do and even just a little extra spending money would be nice.
I've also considered, when I get the knitting down pretty well, making little baby hats and/or blankets to donate to the base hospital for the babies in NICU.  I'm hoping my shop catches on and can maybe be a somewhat big business.  I'm thinking I will start with blankets, scarves, hats, washclothes, and dish towels and go from there as I get better.  I also may add in some of my other crafts...I guess we'll see where this adventurous idea takes me!


  1. Kati, I can't wait to see wehat you create! You're going to be successful at it!

  2. Yay! My friend was just telling me about Etsy, I never heard of it before. She's doing stuff with photography and jewelery. Let me know when you get things set up!