Monday, February 7, 2011

Hidden Finds

This weekend I made a discovery that might deplete my wallet. A captain that F works with text me Friday asking if I wanted to go out the next day because she wanted to get out of the house. I hadn't ever really hung out with her before but she always seems so pleasant I decided, why not? She told me she wanted to do some shopping but I had no idea the awesome place I was about to see. She and I ventured out, with her son, to Trader's Market about halfway between base and Cincinnati. I've been to flea markets back home but this one just blew my mind. Maybe it's because the flea markets I've been to before were when I was a kid and didn't have a use for anything they were selling, but this one was like heaven to me. I saw so much cute stuff for the house! I tried to be good and not spend too much money, but I definitely see myself going back a few more times.  I also tried two new restaurants, City Barbeque and El Rancho Grande, this weekend. Both were excellent! All this is making me think I need to start a list of little places to enjoy in the Dayton area. I get the feeling the list will be rather long by the time we move in 3 years. But I also think I am totally okay with that.

My finds for the house:


  1. One place we never made it to was that Flea Market. We never could get into Ohio BBQ because well we are BBQ snobs being from the South and all LOL I will send you a Ohio Bucket List via regular email. Jen M. and I compiled it and its a great one!!

  2. Yea I ate BBQ at Maxwell and fell in love so I can imagine this does nothing for you. But, being from the North, it's pretty good lol.
    That flea market is awesome! I got everything above plus a couple other things and spent no more than $50. I will definitely go back.
    And, yes, I'd love that list! :)

  3. Oh that sounds fun! I've only been to a couple flea markets: one in Florida and one in MI and the one in Michigan wasn't very good. Cute stuff you got there!